who are we ? what do we do? why choose us?

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Finding what suit the most to all of our customers is our main aim. Using their originality and expression, just like young londoners who are expressing themselves freely.
Moreover, not just sticking with hair styling, we are making “ticro.” to be the place where we can exchange our interests through art, music, fashion, life style in london, etc..
1-12-14-1F kamimeguro meguroku,tokyo
Combining, accurate technique of hair styling from japan and free minded imagination of london to make totally new style. This is the motto of “ticro.uk”.
Nationalities, hair qualities, personalities… all things which separates us do not matter, we are aiming to creating what makes the best result.
67 endell st. london ec1v 9aa

Minimalistisch weisse Waende.
Die Farben kommen von den jeweiligen Stylisten und den Kunden.
Liberale Ausdrucksweisen in Farbe und Haarstil, welche aus London und Tokio inspiriert werden.
Fuer das neue ticro. in Berlin haben wir zur Erweiterung der Ausdruecke einen Spezial Stylisten aus Tokio eingeladen, welcher fuer die Avantgarde der Wimper-Zusaetze zustaendig sein wird.
Im Bezirk Mitte von Berlin haben wir vor, einen Friseursalon mit einem weltweiten Stil zu eroffnen, welches in Berlin zuvor gegeben hat. Von Otaku – Kultur bis zu top Fashion besitzt ticro.de die Bandbreite der Techniken, den Wuenschen der Kunden entgegenzukommen.
Mulackstr. 3, 10119 Berlin
Largely spaced two floored location which provides food, music, drink, fashion, book… everything it does matter to our life style.
For food wise, we making our own menu which can be accepted in anyone in any world, including Japanese, based on Japanese taste.
In the shop downstairs, select something trendy from Japan and in the bar, not only having something Japanese, we are trying to select our drinks from worldwide with providing good music and atmosphere.
2-4 old st. london ec1v 9aa

Owner Takashi Kido Profile


1991opens hair salon [ticro hair] in Fukuoka.
“ticro hair” hugely influenced fashionable people, with creating “ticro-ism”.1997opens cafe [epi cafe] in Fukuoka.
“epi cafe” became one of the most leading cafes in Fukuoka.2001sold [ticro hair] [epi cafe]
opens hair salon [ticro.uk] in Covent garden in London.
“ticro.uk” became one of the best hair salons in Covent garden.
2007opens restaurant [LIFE] in Oldstreet London.
Restaurant, cafe, bar and shop, all combined to make newly styled place.
By having Giles Peterson every week, “LIFE” is a place where can suggests a new “LIFE” style.2009opens hair salon [ticro.] in Nakameguro Tokyo.2010opens bar [it.] in Nakameguro Tokyo.2016opens hair salon [ticro.de] in Berlin.