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Finding what suit the most to all of our customers is our main aim. Using their originality and expression, just like young londoners who are expressing themselves freely.
Moreover, not just sticking with hair styling, we are making “ticro.” to be the place where we can exchange our interests through art, music, fashion, life style in london, etc..
1-12-14-1F kamimeguro meguroku,tokyo


Combining, accurate technique of hair styling from japan and free minded imagination of london to make totally new style. This is the motto of “ticro.uk”.
Nationalities, hair qualities, personalities… all things which separates us do not matter, we are aiming to creating what makes the best result.
67 endell st. london ec1v 9aa


Minimal white box.
We think we stylists and you customers color white box.
We are inviting a specialist of cutting-edge eyelash extension to complete our style adding that London and Tokyo express free stylish coloring and hairstyle.
We making a proposal of worldwide style that hair-salons else in Berlin don’ t have in Mitte, Berlin. Ticro.de has techniques to respond all needs of anorak or high-fashion.
Mulackstr. 3, 10119 Berlin


The second branch of ‘ticro.de’, located next to it.Its concept is “Made in Japan” and shares a space with our shop ‘SHOP030’.The hair salon is like a white-cube art gallery, hanging mirrors like frames.We offer you a stylish hairstyle as well as a comfortable Japanese style shampoo.Our staff, cultivated their skills in London, Tokyo and Berlin, creates a hairstyle suits you best.

Mulackstr. 4, 10119 Berlin

life berlin

Its concept is simply “Food, Drinks and Music”.
We create a new type of restaurant representing the all parts of life as fashion.
The food is based on Japanese-pub “Izakaya” style and is tasty for people all over the world.
You can experience not only the authentic modern Japan in the restaurant space but also world wide drinks and music in the bar.

Maybachufer 39 12047 Berlin Germany


In the same space of ‘ticro.030’, ‘SHOP030’ has Made-in-Japan knickknacks, accessaries and our original apparel brand, ‘HxCx’. We are planning to assort more products such as candles that you can not find at any other shop in Berlin. We hope you get new experiences at SHOP030.

Mulackstr. 4, 10119 Berlin

- Owner’s Profile -

The owner, Takashi Kido opened his flagship hair salon ‘ticro hair’ in Fukuoka, Japan.
It became so popular among the local stylish people that “ticro-style” named after the salon became trendy.
Also opened a café ‘epi cafe’ which led the local café-culture and became one of the famous cafés in Fukuoka.
After sold the above shops, opened the first hair salon in London, ‘ticro.uk’.
It successfully became one of the most popular salons in a district, Convent Garden.
Opened a new type of restaurant ‘life’ which incorporated a café, a bar and a shop. We organised the regular party with the resident DJ, Gilles Peterson.
Opened another hair salon ‘ticro.’ in Nakameguro, Tokyo.
Its concept is to create a salon that offers creative hair styles cultivated in London.
Opened a bar ‘it.’.
Later on sold to his friend in 2018.
Opened the first hair salon in Berlin, Germany ‘ticro.de’.
With our creative and accurate techniques cultivated in London and Tokyo it has distinguished itself in a district, Mitte.
It’s one of the most difficult salon to book today.
‘life’ was relocated to Berlin with the new concept “an authentic modern Japanese Izakaya”, a restaurant and a bar in the same space serving great drinks and food that you have never seen before in Berlin.
Opened another hair salon ‘ticro030’ and a shop ‘SHOP030’ in Berlin realising the concept of “Made in Japan” with its original apparel brand HxCx.